Live by intuition, led by inspiration and lit by Revelation is the Artistic aspiration of Anil Kumar.

Artist Anilkumar Panicker

Born and brought up in Pathanamthitta, a suburban town of Central Kerala, India. Anil Kumar exhibited a strong inclination towards art and the world of colours right from his childhood. The alluring aptitude for art aggravated him to explore the deep realms of artistic proficiency utilizing the assistance of pioneers.

Inherent inspiration blended with implicit spiritual insights, Artist Anil Kumar reflects his emotions, divine realities and the beautiful essence of life in luminous colours and vibrant scenes. While modernism question the solidity of the real world and the reliability of perception; abandoning intellect for intuition, Anil’s works ventures to abridge the breach between conventionalism and modernism. Apparently, he merges the gap between believability and painterly expression by artistic blend of strength and subtlety.

Anil's jubilant works are timeless piece of art.  Each of his canvas silently narrates a story, depicting a feeling and adjourning through strong colors, well defined strokes, the bold highlights of his own artistic caliber.  His proper capitulation of color with evenly sole drawing helps to substantiate the numinous aroma of the concept in a professional way.
As his unique journey of explaining the illusion of truth on canvas through the relationship of the colours admirably progress, many more astonishing creations shall certainly emerge.